I love Craigslist on multiple levels so I'm sad that a new app "Nextdoor" could potentially unseat them, but "Nextdoor honestly sounds awesome.

It is a social network designed to help you connect with people in your neighborhood.

I haven't tried it yet, but apparently you can do a lot of stuff like post reviews of local businesses, chat with neighbors and even offer up your old stuff for free or for sale.

Everyone is required to use their real address and real name so once you're a user you can look up who else near you is using the app.

Crime experts are saying Nextdoor could be the new digital form of "Neighborhood Watch." Apparently it has already helped stop, report or solve crime in some areas. Yet critics say that nosy, judgmental and even racist "crime watchers" connected to one another with an app could spell disaster for racial minorities in certain neighborhoods. Likewise, neighborhood gripes over public shaming, barking dogs, pet poop, neglected lawns, etc. could escalate with everyone connected online.

I'm interested to see where it goes!

Siri Stafford
Siri Stafford

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