Some farmers North of Pasco are voicing frustration over what they believe are confusing or even misguided road closures in the wake of one of some of the worst winter weather damage seen in years. Roads in the county are like this everywhere, Benton County as well.

A combination of near record snowfall time, dozens of single digit freezes, followed by rain and thawing have made hamburger out of a lot of roads in the area.

Farmers, including Clint Didier, are questioning some of the closures, and pointing out other roads that appear to be more dangerous, are not.

Didier says the highly traveled Glade North Road is not in as bad a shape as Ironwood Road, and posted some pictures on his Facebook account to show them.

Didier told the Tri-City Herald, and has voiced this concern elsewhere, Glade North closures make emergency services a lot more difficult to access, EMS and Fire vehicle have to take wide detours. He also told the Herald he thinks perhaps the Glade North closure was a retaliation for some of his political barbs towards county officials, but they deny any such actions.

Officials say some 200 roads in the county were damaged in some form, and crews are working round the clock to try to restore them.

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