In yet another sign that what they seem to want is pure anarchy,   Occupy protestors marched to the site of President Obama's New York City fundraiser Wednesday night, snarling traffic and getting bounced around by police.

Obama made an appearance at the Sheraton near Times Square, and was greeted with signs reading "sell out" among other statements.   These protestors claim Obama was there only to get money from the rich...well, duh!  fundraiser?   Their signs also accused him of being a corporate puppet-which is curious since the majority of his programs and actions economically have only damaged or set back the American economy; others accused him of war crimes.  Since when did the Occupy Movement become about foreign policy?  Once again, the Occupy protestors show us that if you're lazy, a slacker with nothing to do, eventually you can be turned into a useful idiot whom everyone laughs off an ignores.

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