The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is looking at Sunday night's officer involved shooting that occurred shortly before midnight near the Columbia River dike in Kennewick. It occurred near North Fruitland Street and Columbia Park Trail, east of the Blue Bridge.

According to reports, Kennewick officers were attempting to contact two "unknown males" while conducting extra patrols in the area. When officers tried to identify them, one of the men fled, and as he ran, pulled out what officers believed to be a firearm.

Responding to the perceived threat, one of the officers fired multiple shots, hitting the man. First Aid was immediately administered, but the man died at the scene. The other man was taken in a material witness, as of early Monday morning the area was still cordoned off as officers investigated.

Officials say the men who allegedly displayed the firearm was initially detained by police but then broke away and ran before showing the weapon.

No details about the suspects have yet been released by authorities or any other information about the incident.

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