The incident occurred just under a year ago, but now the surveillance footage has been released by Umatilla County officials.

Former Milton-Freewater police officer Brian Scott, 37, was charged with assault and official misconduct for shoving a handcuffed man into a concrete wall, from an incident that occurred September 28th of last year.

The man was being brought in to the police station and was handcuffed behind his back. In the video, the man is seen walking down a hall, when Officer Scott forcefully shoved him, causing him to fall forward and hit his head on the wall.

Officials say the man injured his scalp, upper neck vertebrae, and was bleeding profusely. In the video, blood can be seen dripping and spattered on the floor. After an investigation Scott accepted a plea bargain, and can no longer serve in any police capacity in the state of Oregon., who first released the video, which has also been posted on YouTube, said there are unconfirmed reports that Scott and his family have relocated to Colorado.