Franklin County Deputies involved in a prowler call early Monday morning reportedly ended up in a shooting incident with a possible suspect.

Around 3AM deputies responded to a report of an alleged prowler near Sagemoor and Hollingsworth Roads, a location northwest of Basin City. While attempting to make a traffic stop of a vehicle seen speeding away from the scene, deputies ended up in what Sheriff Jim Raymond reported as a 'shooting incident.'  The driver of that car is dead, three deputies injured and in the hospital receiving treatment.

The case is being investigated by the SIU (Special Investigations Unit), little information is known. Authorities have not directly said if the dead person was involved in the prowling incident, and no details on how the deputies were hurt, although it's possible the driver tried to hit them with their car. The name and ID of the dead person has not yet been released.

More details expected to be released soon.

UPDATE---Radio transmissions between Deputies and the dispatcher reveal speeds during the chase reached upwards of 80 miles per hour, the suspect allegedly tried to brake-check patrols cars, and also indications the suspect may have tried to hit Deputy cars as well as officers. These are still being investigated by officials. It's not known if subject was inside car when hit by gunfire from Deputies. No one else believed to be in the suspect vehicle.

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