Guy Fieri Has A New TV Series On The Food Network

We did an article about Guy Fieri being back in Washington State filming his new TV series and it got me thinking that we need to reach out to Guy Fieri.

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Guy Fieri Has Visited Tri-Cities Before, Why Not Come Back For Another Round?

I thought I'd take this time to make a plea to Guy Fieri and tell him he should consider coming back to the Tri-Cities to film his new TV series Guy's Family Road-Trip

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Guy Fieri Should Feature Just Joel's On His TV Series

Guy Fieri has been to the Tri-Cities and we've had several establishments featured on his other TV Series Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives but Just Joel's should be featured on his next road trip through Washington State. I think he missed out on one of our hidden gems right here in the Tri-Cities.

facebook/just joels
facebook/just joels

Here are a few reasons why Guy Fieri should come back to the Tri-Cities and feature Just Joel's.

facebook/just joel's
facebook/just joel's

Here's how I'd write the letter:

Dear Guy,

               We love your show here in the Tri-Cities. You've been to our town before and we'd love to see you again. You've got to stop by and visit Just Joel's and here are a few reasons why.

I remember driving down Kennewick Ave before Just Joel's opened up shop and it was called Mike's Sandwiches. I didn't see anyone going into the establishment. I then saw Just Joel's open up in the same establishment and the place has gone nuts.

Just Joel's is always busy, serving up breakfast, lunch, and pies, and it's quickly become a destination location for the Tri-Cities. The food is great but what's even better is that owner Joel Watson has become a force for good in the Tri-Cities community.

Joel gets behind so many great causes in the Tri-Cities and has contributed substantially to the Tri-Cities community by raising funds and donating to many worthy causes.

You got great food to check out and a great story behind the business that your viewers will love.


The Tri-Cities

facebook/just joel's
facebook/just joel's

I'm not sure how we can get Guy Fieri back in the Tri-Cities but the next time he's scouting out filming locations, he needs to check into Just Joel's.

I bet if enough of us shared this article, hopefully, Guy Fieri would see it and check out Just Joel's.

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