Between Pasco's Court Street and Spokane's Regal Street, and then from Pullman's Stadium Way to Yakima's Nob Hill Boulevard in Spokane there is no Little Caesars $5 Hot & Ready Pizza. That is a geographic expanse rivaling several of the original 13 colonies!

What is the reason? Do my brothers in Moses Lake and Ritzville not love steaming, stretchy cheese? Do fellow citizens in Mattawa and Washtucna not crave sweet tomato sauce over chewy bread? Does Othello and Sprague lack appreciation for a cheap dinner?

During these trying times a family deserves to indulge in delicious comfort food for the same amount of money that will satisfy only one of them anywhere else.

Connell has birthday parties to cater. Royal City has movie nights to satisfy. Warden has work successes to celebrate. Why are we denied the pleasures of pizza when our five-dollar bills are as crisp and ready as anywhere else?

I call upon your decency to rectify this situation, Little Caesars. Restore our faith in you and your five buck pizza.

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