In a case that seemed to be ripped right out of the episodes of the popular TV show Criminal Minds, a 66-year-old female Oregon farmer has been found guilty in the death of two handymen, who disappeared while working for her between 2012-2013. How they died was the shocking part.

Susan Monica was accused of shooting the two men, then feeding their remains to the pigs on her farm. 59-year-old Stephen Delicino died in 2012, 56-year-old Robert Haney in 2013. They disappeared while working on her 20-acre farm not far from Medford, OR.

Jurors during the trial heard grisly evidence that claimed Monica shot Delicino in self-defense from her attorney, but evidence showed he was shot in the head several times. Monica claimed the pigs had a chance to eat him before she could dispose of his body. She told investigators Haney disappeared in 2013.  She curiously said she found him a month later, and discovered him as the pigs were reportedly disemboweling him. She told authorities she shot him to relieve him from his suffering, and was certain he would die either way.

Monica had also told investigators Delicino had shot himself in the head several times.

Monica's accounts didn't correlate with forensic evidence, which showed certain body parts of the men had been chopped with an axe, while others showed signs of being gnawed by the pigs. Some of the remains were found in plastic bags in her barn.

Monica was immediately sentenced to 50 years in prison.  Her attorney says the cases will be appealed.  The judge said she valued her pigs more than human life, and caller her a "cold-blooded killer."

In a number of years, this case certainly reminds us of something you would see on Criminal Minds...very creepy!


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