During the holidays it's always good to look at the lighter side of politics, even when it comes to gifts.We've come across some items you might find hilarious, or maybe use them to tweak somebody who doesn't share your political viewpoints. Here's a couple of items sure to bring laughs -- or blood shooting from eyeballs -- this holiday season.

The Official Hillary Clinton Nutcracker

Hillary Cliton Nutcracker
(Courtesy of Eagleview website)

"Cracks the toughest nuts" with "stainless steel thighs," proclaims this actual nutcracker. The "business" part of the cracker is between her legs. Simply insert the nut, squeeze the legs together, and *crack!* Eagleview says the Hillary Nutcracker will "crack you up."






Corkscrew Bill-The Official Bill Clinton corkscrew

Corkscrew Bill
(Courtesy Eagleview website)

The website says "will screw for wine"...  pretty self-explanatory!








Their website has complete details on just how much fun it can be to give one of these for the holidays!

Bop Obama punching bag
(Courtesy of Affy's website)

Another possibility comes from Affy's.   This website features a collection of "unique gifts to make you smile and laugh.    They feature the Bop Obama punching bag.  He stands 54" tall, (just over four feet) and perhaps could be used to keep your little ones physically fit and busy during bad weather over the Christmas break.



So, have some fun this holiday season with YOUR political gift giving!

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