You might have missed them; they were near the bottom of the Washington State ballot. But they were there. The Party for Socialism and Liberation made it onto the ballot in 13 states, including Washington. The presidential candidates are Peta Lindsay and Yari Osorio and they have a rather interesting platform upon which they are running (from their website).

  • Make a job a constitutional right
  • Make free health care, free education and affordable housing constitutional rights
  • Equality for women, and safe, free abortion on demand available for women
  • Full rights for immigrants-and take down the border walls
  • Seize the banks, jail Wall Street criminals

In addition to making it on our ballot, they have offered their official stance on two key ballot measures:

  • Support R-74, which would uphold gay marriage
  • Reject I-1240, no on charter schools, fund public schools.

A spin through their website reveals an interesting mix of headlines, including one titled, "The Change That Never Came-The Obama Administration's long list of broken promises."

What would they do if they seized the banks? "Put them under the people's control, and use the money to clear all foreclosures, fund a massive jobs program, and provide free education for all (cancel student debt)."

The PLS Party came to the attention of Glenn Beck in 2011 after some of their officials began saying non-violence was not the answer to achieving their goals. One leader in the group tried to point out violent upheaval, such as what was seen during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, resulted in positive societal change.

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