There's an element of creepiness to this story.

Pasco Police said Monday they'd arrested an alleged arsonist early Monday morning, after he allegedly tried to set fire to several apartment units.

Police said Edgar Rolon Rodriguez (age not given) was apprehended in the building in the 2200 block of West Shoshone in Pasco.

When Police and fire units arrived, the upstairs hallway, it was filled with smoke. Rodriguez was located and quickly apprehended. He had a propane torch, a baseball bat, and a standard tip screwdriver with him.

Pasco arson suspect (PPD)
Pasco arson suspect (PPD)

One apartment door had a pile of combustible materials at its base which had been set on fire, but they were extinguished by the time fire crews arrived.

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Two other apartment doors had similar heat damage, and fire crews said thermal detection equipment showed the likely use of an accellerant (gas, lighter fluid). These are often used by arsonists to get fires up and going.

Police said one possible motive was Rodriquez was attempting to force occupants into the hallway so he could confront them, but none of the people who lived in that section of the building knew him, or had any connection.

Rodriguez is now facing a list of charges in the Franklin County jail, but Police did not specifically list them.

The good news is, this creepy dangerous suspect is now behind bars. This sounds like a case right out of Criminal Minds.

The investigation continues.


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