Not only did the driver not have a valid license, there were drugs found in his car, AND he got bit on the hand by the Pasco K-9 Hapo.

Reports indicate the driver of this sedan refused to pull over when an officer tried to stop him at 10th and Columbia Thursday night. Apparently some sort of infraction. The driver, identified as Adrian Sandoval, sped away in his Nissan Sentra, leading police on a wild chase.

He raced over the cable bridge into Kennewick, then into Finley, where he finally lost control and wrecked his car in the 16000 block of Gertrude St. He bailed out of the car and ran, but was quickly run down by Hapo who bit him. The wound was not serious. Officers found narcotics in his vehicle, it's been towed to impound, and Sandoval is facing a long list of charges.

K-9 1, suspect -0-.

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