Pasco police want to thank the public for numerous tips that helped lead to the arrest of a woman accused of stealing an elderly woman's purse this week.

Police say tips led to the apprehension of 52-year-old Vicki L. Buck of Walla Walla. She was located Wednesday near the intersection of Court and Road 32, and taken into custody.

She's on an investigative hold for 2nd Degree Theft/Access Device. Her car, A Hyndai Elantra, has been taken in and is being searched as part of the investigation. Buck is accused of stealing an elderly woman's purse at the Albertson's store on Court Street.

Part of the reason for holding her car is because Police found what they called "other property" with the suspect when she was arrested.

Surveillance cameras and video captured her reaching into the woman's cart and taking her purse when the lady wasn't looking. Then, she removed the wallet and ditched the purse elsewhere in the store.

The story went viral in the media, and on social media, because of the cruelty of the crime--stealing from an elderly person.

Happy ending? Police say the wallet was recovered, and virtually all the contents were intact, including her money! Yay!

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