Suspects soon learn when the police show up with a dog, you better comply.

Thursday afternoon, Pasco police were called to the 9700 block of Maple Lane, where a man said the suspect in question was trying to move back into his home, despite the man having a no-contact restraining order against him.

The suspect, 29-year-old Andres Garcia, was moving his stuff in, despite the no-contact order, so the man called police. When they arrived that afternoon, Garcia was not there, but his belongings were stacked up just outside.

But later around 6pm, he came back and officers were waiting for him, including K-9 Lemon. The homeowner unlocked the front door after police announced on the bullhorn that the dog was coming in. Lemon promptly led officers to the one locked bedroom in the house. After announcing again they were going to take down the down, Garcia refused to respond, so the cops popped it open and Lemon did his thing.

According to the police report, Lemon made the arrest with one bite, after which the suspect quickly dropped to the floor and  surrendered. After receiving medical attention for the chomp, Garcia was jailed on Residential Burglary charges and violation of a protection order.

If you are subject to a restraining order or no contact order and you enter a 'forbidden area',  under Washington state law, you have just committed a burglary.

Nice work, Lemon!

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