The suspect was apprehended Friday, but now Pasco Police say this guy threatened to kill a would-be victim in Pasco.

25-year-old Abel Espinobarros-Piñeda of Pasco was spotted shortly after an alleged assault threat that occurred near 8th and Lewis Streets.

Pasco suspect (PPD)
Pasco suspect (PPD)

Police reported he threatened to kill the victim.  Police didn't specify what led to the threat or if any actual attempts were made on the victim's life. However, the case is still under investigation.

Pineda was located several blocks away but had thrown away the large fixed-blade hunting-style knife he'd used in the threat. He was taken into custody without resisting, and no force was needed.

It's been noticed that since the slew of extremely restrictive laws went into effect concerning police engagement and force, law enforcement agencies are including information in their releases about exactly what was done (force-wise) in each of these incidents.

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Because the legislature has essentially handcuffed officers, they literally have to let a suspect escalate situations to the point where someone's life has to be in danger before they can shut it down.

In this case, that was not necessary. We've already seen at least one case in the Tri-Cities where a dangerous threatening suspect caused excessive damage and threats to a neighborhood because Police were limited in how they could respond.  Perhaps it will only be a matter of time for a situation escalates to the point where someone is hurt or worse because of the limited intervention abilities of Police.

Pineda is now in jail on an investigative hold.

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