Scene of shooting in Pasco, man fires at officers September 16th. Pasco police)

The incident occurred back on September 16th, when a 31-year-old man ended up being shot by officers.

Around 11:49pm officers responded to a domestic violence report in the 900 block of South 9th Ave.

They found Edwin Espejo, who was the suspect in the incident, and he refused to comply with commands. Despite efforts to calm him down, the situation escalated. When he refused to follow commands, he was Tasered, but the connection broke.

Espejo then allegedly grabbed a pistol, fired at the officers, narrowly missing one of them. A brief shootout occurred, with Espejo being taken into custody after being struck by a number of bullets.

He was released this week from Kadlec Regional Medical Center from the injuries, and reports he will be facing 3 counts of Attempted Murder for firing at the 3 officers involved.