The City of Pasco has named a former Lacey, WA chief to act as the head of it's police force until a new chief and be found. Chief Bob Metzger is retiring, leaving them in need of filling the position.

34-year-year law enforcement veteran Larry Dickerson will be working with officials this week to get up to speed in his new position.

Pasco officials released a statement about his appointment from City Manager Dave Zabell:

“The decision to appoint an Interim Chief from outside of the department should in no way be considered to be an indicator of the quality of potential internal candidates. To the contrary, I feel the City is fortunate to have some excellent individuals serving in our command ranks and have confidence in each one of them,( the department) “is operating at a high tempo with a lot on its plate, burdening command staff with the loss of a position would put a heavy managerial burden on the Deputy Chief and Captains.”

The statement was issued after some questioned why an interim chief was not chosen from within Pasco's own ranks. A company from Issaquah, WA, The Prothman Co, will assist the city in their search for a new Chief. Dickerson will formally take over April 8th.

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