This man, Ramon Jaimes-Galvez, tried to get away with not one...but two crimes within 24 hours but got busted because of a really stupid mistake. The story starts Monday evening when Ramon tried to shoplift a cart filled with unpaid merchandise from the Walmart on Rd 68 in Pasco according to the Pasco PD Facebook post. The man was stopped by security and fled in a black SUV, leaving the cart of stuff behind. Security wrote the license plate of the SUV down as they left and gave it to police.

Flash forward to Tuesday around noon, and there is a hit and run with a black SUV on the other side of Pasco but they left their license plate behind at the scene. After some investigating, police found the suspect and arrested him for hit-and-run and took his picture. The next day, the officer working on the original shoplifting case heard they had found the same license plate in another case and compared the picture to the security footage. With these pictures, police then had enough evidence to charge him with shoplifting but he was already released from jail. Pasco Pd says

"Jaimes-Galvez will be sent a summons for Shoplifting. Unless we relocate him before we mail it."

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