Two representatives from the Pasco Police Department flew to Philadelphia and spoke to police chiefs from around the world about their experiences with social media.

Police Chief Robert Metzger and Captain Ken Roske were invited to speak at the International Association of Police Chiefs' on how their department has used social media to better connect with the community according to news reports. They have used social media to solve crimes fast but have also created a better relationship with humor.

They spoke in front of 400 different police chiefs and have already been contacted by some to get more information. Police Chief Metzger says that the most important thing is not to wait to post on social media, but to post something immediately when it happens.

"You can't wait for me to go up the chain of command and approve the social media, you have to actually do it as it's happening, so that it gets out to the public while it's fresh," he explained. "And I think that was probably the most important thing; people understood that, 'alright, I'm not gonna wait, if something happens on Friday night and the chief's not back until Monday morning, are we gonna wait until Monday morning to post anything?' No, you're not, you should get it out right away."

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