We all know there's been a lot of car thefts from people leaving vehicles unattended while they're warming up. Unlocked, or leaving them like that overnight. But now Pasco police say even locking certain models won't necessarily keep them from being stolen.

KNDU-TV reports Pasco police are seeing a new rash of auto thefts involving sought-after Hondas and Acuras. Many of them, according to the owners, were securely locked.

Police say these cars are in high demand for after market parts, including engines, turbos, transmissions and other body parts. These type of thieves are experienced and can easily enter a car much faster then you think. Their goal is to break in, and get away quickly. The car is then taken to a chop shop, often out of state, and parts divvied up.

Police say one of the best ways to prevent this kind of theft is with a loud, blaring alarm, one that flashes lights and makes the car very noticeable. They say car boosting thieves will usually leave it alone, because they don't want to get busted. They'll move on to another vehicle. This is different than many car prowlers, who are after items they see or might find inside the car. Prowlers are not after the vehicle itself in most cases.

Police also say park in well-lit areas, around other vehicles and if at all possible, garage your car. All these tips apply to other vehicles as well, including trucks-which rank close behind the Acuras and Hondas when it comes to stolen cars.

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