The brainchild of a man who grew up in the area, Pendleton Raceway on Facebook is an idea to bring some family fun entertainment to the city.

About a year and a half ago, the site appeared on Facebook. The founder is Jesselee Leachman, who's not only a Pendleton resident, but says in the mission statement he grew up around there.

In December 2016, the site appeared. He says as a youth he had places to go and things to do with his friends. But he has watched over the years many of the opportunities kids had for safe fun (and families too) go away.

Pendleton Raceway is actually an umbrella name for a project idea. He would like to create a facility that features go-karts, mini-golf and an arcade, according to the Facebook page. The name might change, but for now, that's how it's branded.

According to comments and posts on the page, some interest has been shown in possibly using the old Albertson's store in town. He's also been selling t-shirts to help raise awareness and perhaps some financial support as well.  So far, his Facebook group appears to have at least 170 members and people interested in the idea.

Click here to check out the idea.

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