If you could put people, things, or places in a Tri-Cities Hall of Fame, what or who would you pick?

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25 Of The Tri-Cities Best Places, People And Things In Washington State

We had some fun coming up with 25 people, things, and places that could go into a Tri-Cities Hall of Fame and we know we could've come up with an even bigger list if we kept writing and brainstorming.

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Here's The Best Of The Best In Tri-Cities Washington

Our goal was to really spotlight some folks that normally might not get the credit they deserve so hopefully we surprise you with our list.

rascal rodeo
rascal rodeo

Here's A List Of The Top Places To Check Out In The Tri-Cities

We live in an amazing community and it was fun to put this list together, trust me, there are a ton more things in the Tri-Cities that deserve recognition so feel free to add to our list in our station APP chat feature.

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See The 25 people, things, and places in the Tri-Cities that belong in a Hall of Fame.

So who made the list?

25 People and Things That Should Be in a Tri-Cities Hall of Fame

Here are 25 places, people, and things that deserve to be in a Tri-Cities Hall of Fame

How'd we do on our list?

It was nice to see some newbies like Joel Watson making the list and also great seeing long-time pros like Tim Adams for getting their due.

If you could add to our list, feel free to APP chat us and we'll keep updating our list or do another 25 in the future.

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