Kennewick Police say a second person involved in a drive-by shooting on Cleveland Street is in custody.

April 29, Monday, a woman called 911 to report hearing gunfire and several bullets ended up inside her apartment in the 1100 block of Cleveland.

Police apprehended a 17-year-old after an investigation which also involved the Criminal Apprehension Team and West Richland police. He is in the Benton County Juvenile Justice Center.

Then Thursday, police also nabbed, without incident, 18-year-old Miguel Garcia. Police did not immediately say if he was the actual gunman in the incident, but he is in the Benton County jail after being booked on drive-by shooting charges. He was arrested at the Park Ridge Apartments in Kennewick.

This was one of four different shooting incidents in the city this last week. Another one involving a girl being hit in the arm near Underhill Park and a later road rage shooting resulted in three suspect being arrested along with a stolen vehicle.

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