In light of the armed parking lot robbery at Walgreen's in Kennewick Sunday, police say this is a good time to remind people about the Community Meet Up spot, a safe place to conduct business.

Two juveniles allegedly held up a victim at gunpoint, apparently stemming from a cellphone sale transaction that went bad. It began on one of those online sale sites, then when they met to complete the deal, a gun was pulled.

The Community Meet Up Spot is a series of parking spaces directly in front, and in full view of, the police station. They are monitored by security cameras, as well as personnel inside the building who keep an eye on them.

Police say the plethora of internet sale sites are a great place to do business, but when it comes to face to face or in person exchanges of goods and money, it's better to utilize the Meet Up Spot. The armed robbery drives home that point.  Police say unless you've dealt with people online before and know about them, most of these internet transactions are 'blind'.  You don't who you're dealing with until you show up.

For more information about the Community Meet Up location, contact the Kennewick Police Department at 211 West 6th Ave. during business hours, 8:30 am to 4:30pm or call (509)-585-4208.

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