According to documents obtained and released this week by Judicial Watch,  Ted Wheeler, the new Mayor of Portland (since 2017) told police to stand down and not respond to calls from ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agents who were being threatened or even under attack during the sometimes violent protests outside the ICE building and other federal facilities this last summer. This includes the protest camp set up outside the ICE office.   Antifa members such as these pictured were outside the building, and often threatened federal personnel.

During the infamous 'camp' set up outside the ICE and other federal buildings in Portland during June and July,  Portland police were instructed to only respond to 911 calls if they had an immediate "life safety" concern. According to Judicial Watch:

"During aggressive protests by criminal Occupy Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) rioters at federal facilities in Oregon, Portland’s Mayor implemented dangerously restrictive police procedures that ordered officers to ignore calls for help from federal law enforcement personnel under attack.

Instead of proactive support, Portland Police Bureau (PPB) were limited to a passive “liaison” role with the Federal Protection Service (FSP).  According to records obtained by Judicial Watch, PPB officers were only allowed to respond to life-threatening attacks and 911 calls made by ICE agents and FPS officers.  Portland’s Mayor, Ted Wheeler, also serves as the city’s Police Bureau Commissioner."--(Judicial Watch.)

In addition, Federal Protection Service officers were told there would be no help coming from the Portland Police Bureau (PPB). Again from Judicial Watch:

"Documents obtained by Judicial Watch indicate an alarming hands-off approach instituted by PPB management. On June 19, FPS Commander Lopez asked PPB Deputy Chief Robert Day for assistance.

Day’s refusal in the highly redacted document was clear: “At this time I am denying your request for additional resources from PPB.”  Officers were directed “not to proactively patrol the area of the demonstration” and to “only respond to calls at the demonstration site that have an immediate life safety concern.” On June 21, the mayor’s direction was “for PPB to not get involved unless lives are in danger.” ICE agents on the ground reported these were the daily orders given at briefings to rank-and-file PPB personnel.:"

So apparently Mayor Wheeler told police to steer clear of the Antifa-laden protest camp, and other demonstrations, and leave Federal officials to their own self-protection.

According to Fox News, ICE officials confirmed that Antifa members were present at these demonstrations and the protest camp, and threats were made to Federal officials on numerous occasions, some resulting in physical altercations.

Mayor Wheeler has said he will support illegal immigrants, even if it means going to jail, and apparently abandoning fellow law enforcement officials over political issues.

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