There will be a Democrat vs. Republican matchup in November for the State Senator from the 16th District, which stretches like a curved "U" from Prosser to Walla Walla, and includes Pasco, Finley and other small towns.

Democrat Danielle Garbe Reser and Republican Perry Dozier got the top two vote counts, while former 16th District Rep Bill Jenkin came in third. Jenkin 'gave up' his seat to try to for the Senate. Reser got 37 percent of the vote, Dozier just over 33 while Jenkin got just over 29 percent.

Special interest PACS focused their attention on attacking Jenkin with a lot of campaign money, it appeared to work for Reser.

To fill the 16th House  Position 1 vacated by Jenkin, Mark Klicker doubled up Democratic challenger Francis Chvatal 64 to 35 percent.

They will square off in November.

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