The Bofer fire which carved a path of destruction on Saturday also took the home actually homes from a prominent and long time multi generational Tri-Cities Family, Not only their property but 2 of their horses and beloved family parakeet.

Bruce and Lorrie Ratchford owners of Apollo Mechanical Contractors were one of the unfortunate families who lost everything because of Saturday's fast moving fire.

ratchford home 2


First I would like to say I'm so sorry for your loss, having gone through a similar situation when I was a child so I can relate. My Grandparents home burnt to the ground due to an electrical fire when I was 5. There were 12 of us in the home at the time and luckily we all made it out alive, well all except our family wiener dog babe.

I know it will be hard for some people to realize it wasn't just property that you lost but a lifetime of memories that were made in those homes through the years. So stay strong this to shall pass and your family is in my thoughts.


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