There were trade rumors again this weekend that the Seahawks were going to trade Jimmy Graham to the team we played this weekend, the Texans. This game ended illustrating why Jimmy Graham should stay in Seattle and that both Jimmy and the team want that to happen. Richard Sherman said before the game, Pete & John spoke to the team and said they were NOT trading Jimmy Graham and I think it was a big bonding moment for the team. I have not seen so much emotion from Jimmy the entire time he has been in Seattle.

Pre-game, it was obvious Jimmy wanted to be there with his teammates. This video was shot by a friend of mine Greg Woodfill and shows Jimmy being the first to lineup and welcome the team out of the tunnel.

Just look at the emotion in the pictures above after the game winning score. Does that look like a team that does not want him around? I don't think so, I was there.

The next piece of evidence is the after-game interview that Jimmy Graham gives after the win. Look at all the emotion and great things he has to say about his team and Russell Wilson. I thought just weeks ago that he didn't seem connected with the team and we never heard from him in interviews or making comments. They won't let me embed the video so you can see the full interview by clicking here.

My buddy Greg also shot this video of the team celebrating with Graham after the huge catch to take the lead with :20 something left on the clock.

I am sooooo glad that I was wrong. Glad to have you on our team Jimmy Graham, keep it up.

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