Soon, it will have been a year-and-a-half since the fatal shooting of Antonio Zambrano by Pasco police, after he was throwing rocks at cars, passersby, and later found to be on meth.

Franklin County Coroner Dan Blasdel had originally planned to start the inquest at the end May at CBC, who had donated use of a building. But now, the prosecuting attorney for the inquest has stepped down. His original plan to stage it last summer, but delay after delay has set back the process.

Columbia County Coroner and Prosecutor Rea Culwell had originally offered to fill the role as the prosecutor for the non-legally binding inquest. However, Thursday, it was learned she doesn't believe the inquest should try to prove if the shooting was justified, while Blasdel does.

Culwell told KNDU-TV, our news partner, she respects Prosecutor Sean Sant's right to not prosecute the three officers directly involved.

Blasdel has incurred much criticism for his inquest, especially after the exhaustive Special Investigations Unit (SIU) report led in part by Sgt. Ken Lattin of the Kennewick Police Department.

Blasdel says he plans to replace Culwell with a local attorney, but declined to say whom. Now the inquest is scheduled for August.

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