A Prosser man was recently sentenced for his role in the Desert Wind Family Practice drug scandal.

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David Barnes Nay pleaded guilty to intent to distribute fentanyl, oxycodone, and other addictive medications. According to court documents, Barnes Nay sold opioids or traded pills for other drugs. Barnes Nay obtained prescriptions from Dr. Janet S. Arnold, who pre-signed hundreds of medical prescriptions.

Senior United States District Judge Edward F. Shea sentenced Barnes Nay to federal prison for 6.5 years followed by a 5-year term of court supervision.

Barnes Nay pleaded guilty selling and distributing opioid medications and controlled substances, after obtaining pre-signed blank prescription forms from Dr. Janet S. Arnold.

Barnes Nay admitted to enlisting at least eight others to fill fake drug prescriptions at Tri-Cities pharmacies. he then would sell the pills and pocket the money, or trade the pills for different drugs.

You can read the full story from our news partners at KNDU HERE.

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