Kennewick Police are searching for leads about a mysterious but chronic business window smasher/vandal who's been striking at a series of shops along South Union St. in Kennewick.

The area is the small strip mall on the west side of Union, just across from the HAPO Credit Union at Clearwater and Union.

The mall houses a Crossfit facility, a donut shop, a beauty salon, driving school and plasma donation center among the businesses.  Driving by, we've seen an occasional wooden panel put up until a broken window can be replaced.

Strip mall where windows smashed (Google Street View)
Strip mall where windows smashed (Google Street View)
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Police did not say when this image was captured, but offered this description of the hoodie man's behavior:

"The subject in the photo has been reported throwing rocks at random through business windows in the area, usually occurring at about midnight to early morning hours."

The man appears to be wearing a black hoodie, white shoes, blue jeans and seems to have a beard. Apparently, other images have captured him wearing the same attire.

These 'attacks' on windows have been going on for several months, say police. Anyone with any information is urged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.


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