Pasco fire suspect, seen at 11-3 fire at courthouse (Pasco PD)

The same 31-year-old man arrested 10-30 in Pasco for a trash can fire is now back in the Franklin County jail on similar charges. This image is from the first arrest.

Pasco Police report Jose Luis Loera was arrested a few days ago, Nov. 25th, after he allegedy used a lighter and cologne to set a couch ablaze at a home in the 700 block of North Elm St.

He was in violation of a no contact order at that time. Loera was the same suspect arrested back around  10-30  when he used a variety of materials to set a fire in a large trash can outside the jail-courthouse in Pasco.

He had been seen loitering earlier, and surveillance footage showed he was still in the area when this first fire was set.

In the second fire, Loera was still at the home when police and fire crews arrived. No one was injured in either incident.