Fatal crash intersection Richland (Google street view)
Fatal crash intersection Richland (Google street view)


The woman facing three counts of vehicular homicide in a Richland crash appeared in court for the first time Monday.

 Bail set at $250K because driver deemed "risk" to the community.

According to Benton County Prosecutor's office officials, 19-year-old Jennifer A. Duong is a danger to the community because she has a previous hit-and-run case still pending in Benton County, and from another incident, she received a ticket for driving 98 miles-per-hour in a 70 MPH speed zone.

Police reports indicate Duong was driving from a party in Pasco to Richland with three friends to go to a restaurant when she saw another vehicle's headlights behind her and they were swerving. Duong was in the outside lane of GW Way and the other vehicle, the white BMW sedan, was in the left lane. The crash occurred when she was headed south on GW Way from the Denny's Restaurant returning to Pasco.

Around 2:46 AM is when the crash occurred, traffic cameras, say the police reports, indicate Duong's black Acura and the white BMW "racing" on GW way approaching the Jadwin intersection, where there is a curve in the road.

   Duong lost control, smashed the car into a utility pole

According to police reports, Duong admitted she was going possibly 50 miles per hour, but that has not been corroborated by accident investigators. She did lose control of her car and smashed it into the pole, splitting the car nearly in two. The impact killed her three passengers, most likely instantly. Andres Morphin, age 20, and 19-year-olds Lianna Salazar and Daniel Trejo died in the crash.

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According to the police report, Duong did not admit to racing the white BMW, but did admit the two males with her were urging her to race the other vehicle.

Duong will make another court appearance on Thursday.


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