Richland Police say for the immediate future, referring to this weekend, reports of rioters allegedly being bused into our communities is not credible.

We spoke with a Richland Officer Friday morning, and he referred to the Friday morning post put up on Facebook by Richland Police:

"We have seen the messages and screenshots about busses of people being brought to town for this weekend’s protests. We appreciate the concerns of the community. Our department is in support of peaceful protests. While we have not confirmed additional protesters, we would expect that they remain peaceful in their protest along side our community."

There is a protest march taking place Friday near the John Dam Plaza, but these reports and tips to police were about Saturday and this weekend.

Area law enforcement have a pretty good system for monitoring and detecting credible threats from a multitude of online sources, so they are on it.

The Officer told us "there is no credible threat" from these outside groups in the immediate future, referring to the weekend reports.

The buses seen by some citizens were reportedly law enforcement or correctional buses used  to transport prisoners or persons to Federal Court matters.

However, RIchland and other police and Sheriff's Departments urge citizens to continue to keep their eyes open; really no different than other times when citizens tips help apprehend suspects or report crimes.

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