The weather was set to be perfect for a night under the stars in John Damn Plaza with friends and family. But due to recent events, the 'Dancing Under the Stars' event had to be canceled. In a post on the Facebook Event page, the City of Richland expressed the reason for, and their regrets over the cancellation.


The rampant wildfires surrounding us and causing our terrible air quality have forced many outdoor events to cancel, and sadly, this was one of them. The air isn't expected to clear in time for many events this weekend, and people are being advised to stay indoors as much as they can, especially the elderly and children. So, if you had plans to party in the park this weekend (like I did), it looks like we'll have to wait for another occasion. No word on whether they will try to re-schedule this event, but with cooler fall nights on the way, it seems unlikely. We'll keep you posted if we hear otherwise!