One would think if you're going to buy something from somebody, especially via social media selling platforms, never meet them in a dark, empty place--especially a PARK!

Fortunately, Kennewick police arrested the suspects, but an unnamed male victim is lucky he was not harmed Tuesday night.

Police say the man met up with Tanner Daughtery and an accomplice, Joshua Verdun, around 8pm in Columbia Park. The victim was expecting to purchase a game console, but wound up on the wrong end of a gun.

Daughtery allegedly pointed a firearm at the victim and demanded his cash. Police were able to apprehend both suspects a short time later, the incident is still under investigation.

Police say IF you're going to meet up with somebody over a sales transaction, do it during daylight hours, in a well populated lighted place, such as in front of a grocery store or in another busy place.

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