He pedaled for his peddles, now he's behind a different kind of bars. 

Tyrone Ryder, Jr. is going to be in jail for a little while. He was stopped by Hermiston Police for not having proper lighting on his bicycle for night "Ryding." (How often to cyclists get pulled over?)

It went from bad to worse for Ryder, who gave police a false name when contacted. He knew he had a felony warrant. Officers were able to correctly identify and arrest him, and to his credit, he went nicely.

In his pocket, they found a fat ole meth rock weighing over 6 ounces. They also found a few bucks short of $1,000. The cash was confiscated as evidence.

Ryder is sitting in a cell on $65,000 bond. Oh, he also got two more felony charges on top of the one he already had.

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