If you're one of the many who have enjoyed a tremendous meal at Foodies Brick and Mortar in Kennewick, keep those memories because it may be a while before new ones are made.

Foodies posted on their Facebook page:

Well Foodies, it’s official. We have been ordered to vacate. We have not been inside since the fire, and won’t be able to either. Any equipment we could have salvaged, will not be. The building is not safe to be near - let alone enter. This is a sad day for Foodies Kennewick. Our Brick and Mortar where it all started. Thanks for sticking by us friends ♥️


According to eatatfoodies.com, Johanna Wilson, the owner of Foodies Brick and Mortar attended the Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism program at OSU in the early 90s. The food and beverage industry is her passion!

Back in 2012, her family created a triple pontoon floating Foodies and designed it into a food truck for the water. They operated it for 3 years in the summer as a vendor on the Columbia and Snake Rivers serving many fun flavors of local fair.

Soon after, they created their brick-and-mortar location in historic Downtown Kennewick. A couple of years after that they added another location on the Parkway in Richland. You can still stop by for a delicious meal at Foodies Too!

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