The largest Pac-Man game in the world was built on a segment of Summit Ave East between East Denny Way and East Olive Way in the city’s Capitol Hill. The huge game board was the winning idea for a contest that the SDOT held for the best "maze themed mural design idea" according to news reports.

If you wonder how the city can use an iconic symbol like Pac-Man without legal problems, the city carefully worked through the problem. At first, a blog from Capital Hill Seattle addressed concerns over the cost of licensing the mural. The SDOT released a statement saying "SDOT worked closely with attorneys on evaluating this installation under the Fair Use Act provisions,” and the “SDOT believes that the use of the Pac Man inspired mural falls into the non-profit educational clause of the Act- particularly because this interpretation on a street is transformative and new; it captures the original use and design for an entirely different, educational, and not-for-profit purpose. Because we are not using the image for proprietary purposes, the city’s attorneys considered this installation to be defensible.”

I guess it is time to go play some Pac-Man!

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