Maybe this Canadian long-haul trucker was going to for the trifecta?

Oregon State Police are continuing to investigate a Surrey, British Columbia driver who was arrested Friday for DUI after witnesses saw his Peterbilt truck and trailer swerving all over Interstate 84 East of LaGrande, OR.

41-year-old Sukhvir Singh Deol was subsequently arrested after an Oregon State trooper had tried to pull him over.  The incident began Friday afternoon when a witness called authorities and told them Deol's truck was "wandering" all over the road, and varying speeds.  This witness stayed on the phone with the emergency dispatcher, following the truck until Oregon State troopers could arrive and pursue.

When the OSP trooper tried to pull him over,  the truck drifted off onto the shoulder, hitting several fog markers (reflective posts) then went into a ditch.  Deol then drove back out onto the road before finally stopping.   He then refused to come out of the truck's sleeper compartment before finally emerging.

His blood alcohol content was a staggering 7 times the legal limit in Oregon, the exact level was not released due to the pending court case, said authorities.   But an estimate would put it well over .5,  a level that would have most people face-down and not moving.

Authorities later learned Deol had been arrested for DUI 3 days earlier after being pulled over by Wyoming State Troopers in Sweetwater County.  He had apparently made bail.

Chances are, he won't be driving anywhere anytime soon, we hope.

He is facing at least six charges just from the Oregon case.