Vowing to create gridlock over the budget battle, and with the alledged default of the US government August 2,  Senator Harry Reid has pledged to kill the GOP plan fronted by Republican Leader John Boehner.

The Boehner Plan, while viewed by some as a band aid,  and others as not having enough tax cuts, does allow for an increase in the debt ceiling, but also calls for billions if not trillions in spending cuts to be decided after the bill passes.  Despite the criticism of Reid and other Dems, it is the only plan being given serious consideration.   Once the bill is voted upon by the House today, it will be sent to the Senate, where Reid vows it will be shot down.  Yet, Reid and his fellow Senators have failed to produce any similar bill that would head off the budget crisis.  One GOP Rep said Reid's performance during the budget battle could be written about if the book were called "Profiles in Cowardice.

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