It's the only unsolved skyjacking over US soil in history, and claims are that it is about to be closed.

D.B. Cooper is perhaps the greatest Northwest Legend in modern history; the man man who did or didn't survive jumping out of a Northwest Airlines 727 near Vancouver with hundreds of thousands in ransom money on a rainy night in 1971.    A man identifying himself as D.B. Cooper boarded the plane leaving Portland for Seattle, jijacked it, then it landed in Seattle.  It took off again, and Cooper, with two parachutes and then jumped out the back of the plane with 200k.   Some of the money was later found by the Columbia River near vancouver.   While most authorities don't believe Dan Cooper, later referred to as D.B. survived his Nov. 24th 1971 jump,  the FBI recently tested numerous prints and DNA evidence taken from old personal items of his and matched with other evidence from the crime.  LD Cooper, who says Dan Cooper is her uncle, said she has been told the FBI is still testing items and she claims they are ready to admit D.B. survived but later died, having NEVER been caught...we shall see.