Power was interrupted for a short time near Oak and Bowles Roads Sunday morning after a tired driver fell asleep behind the wheel, and took out a power pole, among other items.

Around 7:20am, Benton County Sheriff's say 19-year-old Andru Alvarado was driving on Bowles Road near Oak Street when he apparently fell asleep.

His truck drifted off the road, taking out a PUD power pole, a fence, mailboxes and other items. Amazingly, he was unhurt, except for a few bumps and bruises. Authorities remind drivers that falling asleep behind the wheel is one of the most prevalent but not talked about issues with driving.

Sleep deprivation, say officials, produces the same physical impairments as alcohol, prior to many drivers simply dozing off behind the wheel. A Benton PUD crew quickly responded and replaced the pole and restored power.

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