According to information released by the Washington State Department of Health, a number of Tri-City area establishments are up for what's called a "re-inspection."

While it doesn't mean they had overly serious issues or had to be shut down, a number of them were found to have some significant noticeable issues. Red are considered serious, blue marks are considered less serious violations.

State officials say the following restaurants will be randomly re-visited soon to see if issues have been resolved. Some of them include:

  • Albertson's Deli on Clearwater: Improper cooking temps, and cold holding (storage or display) of food. 30 Red points
  • Double Dragon Restaurant on Clearwater: 45 red points, 15 blue, for improper cold food holding, worker food cards not 100% compliant, improper hand washing.
  • DQ Grill and Chill, on 2nd in Kennewick: food cards not at 100% compliant, improper holding (storage and display) of hot food. 30 red points.
  • Subway on Gage in Richland: 35 red, improper hot and cold food handling.
  • Subway on West Canal Drive Kennewick:  April 27th, 110 red points, followup on April 28th, no violations. Restaurant had originally been docked for a variety of hand washing and food storage violations, and worker on duty could not answer food safety questions.
  • Water 2 Wine Cruises: 45 red, food cards not 100% compliant, improper disposal of leftover food, improper cooling procedures.

None of these facilities were closed or compromised, they will be re-examined at a later date.

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