If approved this would combine military ID and drivers license.

Veterans carry what's called a DD-214 card, showing proof of their past military service.  This is important for the many services, discounts and other programs that serve military personnel in our society.

Senator Don Benton (R) sponsored Senate Bill 5775 that would allow  DD-214 information to be included on a vet's drivers license.   Benton argued, why should vets in Washington state have to carry around multiple forms of ID to prove their military service?  He said  DD-214 cards rapidly wear out, become unreadable and are often difficult to replace.

The bill, which passed the State Senate by a count of 47 to 1,  would include an extra line that reads "DD-214" or other necessary information as proof of military service.

Benton believes it could be added for no cost, at most, it might add only $2 to cost of license.   Last year a similar bill passed the Senate, but did not receive a SINGLE yes vote in the state House.  Benton had this to say about the bill:

“Our veterans have sacrificed so much for this country; this is the least we can do to show our appreciation, I urge my friends in the House to act on this measure immediately. Veterans deserve to be a priority and they shouldn’t have to wait another year to get this simple but meaningful measure passed.”
 The bill now moves on to the State House.