The new statewide STD survey from the Washington State Department of Health is in and one local county has the worst STD rates in the state on average. Yakima had huge numbers for rates being number one for gonorrhea ( 176.6) and 2nd for chlamydia ( 633.3). Yakima also was average or above average for the other categories listed. Only Whitman County had a higher rate of chlamydia but they also had much fewer cases with only 412 versus 1,589 for Yakima. Most other counties averaged about half the rates in Yakima.

Both Benton & Franklin counties had fairly large numbers, especially for gonorrhea. Both counties place at number 4 & 5 on the list for gonorrhea (Benton - 135.4 & Franklin - 133.1) but are were average for chlamydia. King county had the highest number of total cases with around 14,000 for all categories because of the large population density.

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