Sometimes it pays to keep an eye on your neighborhood.

We're not referring to being a nosy nibby, but a careful, watchful homeowner.  We live close to Kamiakin High School, and from time to time people park in front of our home.

Some of them will ask if it's OK, others just park there and visit folks across the street. But they're usually not there long.  It works out.

But then some knucklehead will park on the actual corner, or in front of the hydrant and you start watching.

Wednesday, our family noticed a tattered primer black Honda sedan (not sure of year) parked on the actual curve of the corner right by where I park my truck on the street.

Wednesday night, Thursday, Thursday night come and go, then Friday morning, it's still there.  I had to drive past it, then back up into my spot for 3 days.

My wife suggested (smartly) I call KPD and report an abandoned car, especially since none of our neighbors knew whose it was.

I got the plate, phoned it in to the non-emergency dispatch, and within 2 minutes a unit rolls up. I didn't get the Officer's name, but saw her out the window and walked out to the curb. She was on the radio, giving the plate and data to dispatch.

I asked 'know whose it is?" and her reply surprised me.  "It's stolen, was reported missing earlier this week." 

Another unit rolled up and the two officers began to check on the stolen car report. Turns out, the owner lives over on Arthur Street just south of Kamiakin. One of the officers went to their home, made contact with them, and gave the guy a ride back to his rig!  Nice! The Officer said the guy was estatic when he got the call his car had been found.

I asked the first Officer and she said it started right up.  The car had been sitting on the corner, almost looking like it had 'stalled' there from the bad parking job.

She said it was good we called it in, as soon as she saw it, she had a hunch it was stolen. She said many vehicles that are taken end up being parked in unusual areas, or in a really clumsy fashion. They're a dump and go.

So, car owner 1, thief -0-.  KPD thinks it was likely a joyride, not someone out for a parts car or possible Black Market resale. OR maybe they learned they can't drive stick!

So the morale is, see something weird, call it in. Trust your judgement.  My wife did.

 We did not include a picture of the car out of respect for privacy for the car owner.


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