This guy is wanted by Benton County Deputies in connection with the alleged theft of over $1,400 worth of gas.

Officials say between May 13 and June 3, the gas was pumped in Lewiston, Idaho, and in Pasco and at the Pacific Pride on Wiser Parkway in Kennewick.

The man pictured is the suspect; the white truck he was using has damage to the rear bumper. It doesn't appear to have a license plate.

It is well known that these fueling station cards don't work without a PIN number. Officials did not say if they have a theory as to how the suspect got one that worked for the card.

It also appears he used two different tanks to haul the fuel. One of them is round, the other is white and square.

Anyone who may have seen this truck -- especially with a fuel tank in the back -- is urged to call (509)-628-0333.

All leads can be confidential. It is believed at this time there is only one suspect.

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