This clerk should get a bonus for making Police work easier.


Kennewick Police have released surveillance images before and after a store clerk defrocked a would-be robbery suspect at the Shell Circle K on 4th and Vancouver.

Back on Nov. 17th, last Wednesday, this skinny dude attempted to steal several items from the store in a robbery. Below is how he looked before he got fleeced.

Before robber got schooled (KPD)
Before robber got schooled (KPD)

However, the clerk would have nothing of it. They attempted to "slow" the suspect's escape, according to Police


In the ensuing struggle, the clerk pulled off the man's shirt, hat, and mask! He then fled the store on foot and probably froze his fanny off.

Other than looking like the Advance Man for a famine, his description is pretty well laid out in the photo.

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